Could the General Election Delay IR35 Reform?

Nov 19 2019 - By Craig Grant

It has been another turbulent year in British politics. With the November Budget delayed and a general election on the horizon, there seems to be more uncertainty than ever around the changes that 2020 will bring. But what does the upcoming poll mean for IR35 legislation? And could there be a delayed rollout or even a reevaluation of off-payroll reforms? 

Unfortunately, the likely answer is that planned reforms will roll out as expected from April 2020, despite calls for delay from across the business community. It was anticipated that the finalised legislation would be released during the November Budget as part of the Finance Bill. The Finance Bill is now likely to be part of a Spring Budget, and most experts believe that the timeline on IR35 reforms will remain unchanged. Matt Fryer, group compliance director at Brookson Legal, commented: 

“With the budget delayed and now a general election before Christmas, it is no surprise some people are wondering whether plans to introduce the off-payroll working rules into the private sector will be delayed. There is no indication that this is the case, however, the IR35 changes will most likely be included in the Spring budget and swiftly pushed through.”

This opinion has been reinforced by the government. Following the budget delays, a spokesman for the Treasury said, “We remain committed to introducing the IR35 rules in April 2020”.

All of this means that organisations can’t afford to slow down or put aside their preparations for off-payroll reform. In fact, they may have very limited time between the release of the Finance Bill and the predicted rollout date of April 6th. For businesses who have yet to begin the review process, it’s vital to begin planning for the changing legislation. We believe that the best way to do this is to seek expert guidance. 

We have partnered with IR35 experts, Brookson Legal, to support organisations across the UK who are dealing with the complexity and uncertainty of off-payroll reforms. Our complete IR35 solution provides access to tailored legal advice and best practice support. Businesses can also enjoy indemnity against HMRC legal challenges on determinations made through our solution. Get in touch to discover how we can help you prepare for April 2020. 

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