What Are You Risking With A Long-Term Open Data Leadership Position?

What Are You Risking With A Long-Term Open Data Leadership Position?

Finding a new Data Leader is no easy task, especially if you’re relying solely on adverts and in-bound applications. There are some impacts which are well-known, such as the loss of potential revenue without a clear Data Strategy, but here are some other things to think about:

Loss of Other Leaders

If you have a position as important as this left open for so long, this prevents others from reaching their potential, causing frustration. This frustration intensifies when they have to spend incredible amounts of time interviewing candidates who are not the right fit. If this goes without remedy, eventually they may decide to leave for an organisation with a stable leadership team in place.

Loss of Senior Talent

Those in Data have never been more in demand, especially the top performers in your team. One of the most important reasons top senior talent will choose your offer over others is because they admire the leadership and understand they can learn a lot from them. If there is nobody for them to learn from, they are likely to start looking elsewhere.

Struggle Hiring New Talent

If you have an important position like a Head/Director/VP of Data open for long enough, people will realise and take this into account. When assessing their options they will question why you’re not able to attract a strong leader and will likely favour the company with a leader already in place.

I am a strong believer in the power of community and networks when it comes to leadership positions, so if you are looking for your next Data Leader, please get in touch!