About us

About us

It’s not really about us.

It’s all about you and your organisation hiring the very best people. We want to see your business succeed, innovate and grow through exceptional talent acquisition.

We will look after your business as if it was our own and help you hire diverse and highly skilled professionals that fit into your organisation.

Our flexible, transparent, and expert talent solutions will help you scale your business with ease.

Cititec Talent has successfully built highly skilled tech teams for hundreds of businesses, financial institutions, commodity traders, and tech companies.

Photo of CodeYourFuture trainees

Our support for CodeYourFuture

Our support for CodeYourFuture

Cititec Talent is a supporter and partner to CodeYourFuture in the UK and South Africa.

CodeYourFuture is a non-profit organisation that trains disadvantaged groups to get jobs in tech; those on low-income, single mothers, refugees and others.

Cititec Talent believes in CodeYourFuture's mission: to empower individuals by providing them with the necessary skills and resources to start successful tech careers.

Through a comprehensive program, CodeYourFuture trainees learn Full Stack development and other relevant technologies, along with essential soft skills like problem-solving, teamwork, and communication.

Cititec Talent hosted CodeYourFuture's very first class in London in 2016 and we hope to keep helping them anyway we can.

"Cititec Talent was the first company that hosted the launch of CYF with our bootstrapped program. When no other company believed in us, Cititec Talent was there"

Germán Bennci, CodeYourFuture CEO