Building Your Personal Brand Is Vital

Building Your Personal Brand Is Vital

You might have found your LinkedIn feed looking a lot busier over the last few years. That’s thanks to LinkedIn becoming an even bigger platform for young talent and businesses to showcase what they can do for a professional audience.

If you’re already posting and building a personal brand, that’s great – keep up the good work, champ. But if you’re not quite sold on the idea, or don’t see the value – well, that’s what we’re about to show you.

Building a personal brand useful for those who are career-driven and considering a new challenge. Here’s what you’re going to achieve by building one.

Standing out

We know organisations that sift through endless CVs, cover letters and portfolios – lacking inspiration and understanding of the roles they’re applying for. That’s why plenty of organisations rely on us to do the hiring for them.

But if you’re not working with an agency yet, how are you going to make your application stand out? A shining light at the bottom of endless reams of paper and countless email threads. Well, you’re going to give them an even easier way to learn about you.

We recently wrote about how many companies are embracing their staff using LinkedIn. Whether you’re currently in a role or just joining the market, posting on your LinkedIn page is another way that potential employers can check you out.

If they see someone who is engaging within their industry and taking pride in their achievements, they’re going to be much keener to chat with you.

Reducing risks – and taking them

From a hiring perspective, organisations want to know who they’re hiring and a personal brand gives them a better understanding of who their applicants and new employees are.

By being able to access more information about you and your personality and experience at an early stage, they can feel more confident in their hiring, which is vitally important for many employers in the current, volatile hiring market.

But from the perspective of the applicant, don’t be afraid. Take the risk – write the extra special cover letter, and apply for the scary-looking job. Great talent rises to the occasion – and the only thing stopping you from finding that next challenge is yourself.

Personality has never been more valuable

You are you. And that’s pretty cool. Companies are putting more investment of time and money into building their brands in the digital space. If you rock up with an existing personal brand that aligns with theirs – that’s a big tick on the bingo card.

Employers will be able to utilise your existing brand to find new opportunities within your network, as well as vice versa. All the while, you’re getting paid, continuing to grow your network and professing your career.

Modern organisations take pride in building positive workplaces, and when they can sense your positive attitude before you’ve even spoken to them, you’re already one step ahead of your competition.

Do it for you

Let’s be real for a second – this isn’t just about work, a career statement or your next opportunity. In a world where there is so much negativity, it’s important to celebrate our wins, promote positivity and showcase your talents wherever possible.

Building a personal brand should be a way for you to grow in confidence, show the world what you’re achieving and invite other people within your industry to collaborate, grow together and share in the spoils.

With a great personal brand, you’re not only improving your chances of career progression but creating an opportunity to look back and track your own personal profession too.

Your next opportunity could be just a phone call away

Companies all over the UK are itching to find the latest and greatest talent on offer. It’s your job to present yourself to them – and we’re here to make that happen.

If you think you’re ready for your next opportunity and want to build a personal relationship with our team as we show you some of the best opportunities available in the tech market, we’d love to hear from you.