Navigating Elixir’s Talent ​and Tech Evolution

Navigating Elixir’s Talent ​and Tech Evolution

Elixir is truly exceptional. Its popularity has soared ​since its inception in 2012, when José Valim ​pioneered it for a research and development project. ​This surge in popularity is due to its dynamic and ​functional nature, which establishes it as the go-to ​language for developing maintainable and reliable ​software.

According to surveys (StackOverflow & Curiosum) and ​through speaking to developers and enthusiasts ​alike, it’s now considered one of the most loved and ​pleasant to use programming languages, evolving ​through great tooling like Phoenix LiveView, Nx, and ​Livebook.

At Cititec Talent, our commitment to understanding ​the Elixir ecosystem runs deep. Through extensive ​research in collaboration with Elixir developers from ​renowned companies we’ve curated this ​report to cover the emerging trends and empower ​you with the expertise to expand your teams with ​skilled professionals.

This guide includes:
💡 Overview of the Elixir talent pool
💡 Salary and benefits guide
💡 The top employers hiring
💡 Fastest growing related skills
💡 Where the top Elixir talent is located
💡 The impact of emerging technologies