The Talent Trends We’re Watching – And You Should Be Too

The Talent Trends We’re Watching – And You Should Be Too

Being in our industry for such a long time, we’ve learned a lot. As well as keeping our eye on the latest trends in hiring and recruitment, we are also able to spot them before they even happen.

No, we’re not magic. Well, maybe just a little bit. We’ve just built up an eye for our industry that goes great alongside the (big) brains our team have.

But what use is it being able to spot trends? We can utilise what we KNOW is happening, and what we expect to happen, to create more effective recruitment strategies for our clients.

If you’re one of our clients, then you’ll know this already. But if you’re thinking about working with us, or you’ve already got a fab talent partner that you work with, we’d like to share our latest thoughts on industry trends and what may be coming next.

50% of human capital and C-suite leaders expect their permanent workforce to work remotely at least part of the time

Now this is obvious, we know. The WFH revolution has been, but it’s certainly not gone. There are a lot of people who love the idea of continuing to work from home – and many businesses have either cut down or done away with their offices completely.

As an employer, you may not want to lose your team from the office. But you may have to accept that it’s simply the state of play, post pandemic. And if you’re not offering it within contracts, you may struggle to attract new talent as time goes on.

34% of employers in the U.K. say talent scarcity is a major pain point

It’s been tough for many businesses to find the talent they need to move their business forwards. When you can’t hire, you can’t deliver – and when you can’t do that, your business is in trouble.

The tides may be turning as the global economy struggles post-pandemic and alongside the Ukraine war, but we expect it will remain difficult for companies to hire for a while longer.

If you’re looking for guidance on how you might be able to offer more appealing packages for your applicants, or you just want to outsource to the experts, you can read our blog or get in touch.

24% have already converted more permanent positions to temporary or freelance roles

The rise of the freelancer is very much in motion. People are feeling less committed, knowing they are in the driving seat should they want to discover a new role. What does this mean? Businesses are having to adapt and provide more engaging and versatile contract options to keep their staff happy.

This is likely happening as a result of the pandemic showing that no employee is ever truly safe, no matter how long you’ve been with a company.

80% say their organisations are more focused on the talent experience than ever before

Understanding that your people are what help you succeed is vital. It sounds obvious, but many organisations still aren’t attaching enough value to their staff, and it’s causing problems.

Fortunately, that seems to be changing. Ensuring you’re supporting, engaging and positively promoting your staff is the best way to improve staff retention in the jobs market.

Alongside ongoing support, there is more focus being put on the onboarding process and ensuring that new starters are immediately made to feel part of the positive culture surrounding the organisation they’re working for.

68% believe that putting personal well-being first is important to job applicants when it comes to culture

For millennial and gen-z staff, as we’ve spoken about before, staff wellbeing is a priority that is unrivalled. Gone are the days of loathing your job and that just being part of life. It is now an employer’s responsibility to keep their staff comfortable and support positive physical and mental health.

As younger applicants become more commonplace, organisations will find it necessary to focus on staff wellbeing, employer brand and their sense of purpose to attract the best talent available on the market.

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