Unlocking Advocacy: Transforming Employee Satisfaction into Glowing Glassdoor Reviews

Unlocking Advocacy: Transforming Employee Satisfaction into Glowing Glassdoor Reviews

Job hunting is a full-time job in itself, so if candidates get a vibe that your workplace culture isn’t great, they might think twice about hitting the “apply” button. Enter Glassdoor, one of the most popular company review sites with over 55 million monthly visitors. It’s a game-changer for your employer brand, so don’t overlook it.

Getting to a point where all your Glassdoor reviews are glowing? Probably not going to happen in the real world. There are external factors at play that you just can’t control. But, that’s why this article focuses on optimising what you can influence: the individuals you engage with.

Without advocates, it’s easy for your Glassdoor profile to become a public moaning forum. 

Consider how likely people are to leave a review after a:

  • Bad experience? 
  • Good experience?
  • Outstanding experience?

Human nature makes us more likely to express dissatisfaction. So, while employees with good and sometimes even outstanding experiences may share their thoughts with family and friends, they’ll need a little push to shout out about it online.

The bottom line is that if you don’t ask your satisfied employees to leave a review, they most likely won’t.

How Glassdoor calculates employer ratings:

Glassdoor uses an algorithm to calculate employer ratings. They’re really secretive about how it works, but we know that:

  • Reviews from current employees are worth more than those left by former employees.
  • Recent reviews are rated more highly than older reviews. The weighting of a review decreases over time (but never reaches 0).
  • Interns and contractors do not contribute to your overall rating. 
  • When an employee writes a new review (in the same calendar year), the previous review from that employee disappears.
  • It takes around seven business days for a rating to update after a new review is posted.

What the Glassdoor ratings mean:

  • 0.00 – 1.50 Employees are “Very Dissatisfied”
  • 1.51 – 2.50 Employees are “Dissatisfied”
  • 2.51 – 3.50 Employees say it’s “OK”
  • ​3.51 – 4.00 Employees are “Satisfied”
  • 4.01 – 5.00 Employees are “Very Satisfied”

Increasing your Glassdoor score is as simple as getting more positive reviews and fewer negative ones.

Increasing positive reviews:

Boosting your positive reviews should align with Glassdoor’s policy. You should focus on elevating the voices of your advocates rather than explicitly asking for positive reviews (a definite no-no). It boils down to connecting with the right employees at the right time.

In your experience, when do your employees feel positive? You’ll often find it’s better to send review requests after they’ve:  

When to request reviews from your employees

In your experience, when do your employees feel positive? You’ll often find it’s better to send review requests after they’ve:  

  • Received a promotion, award, or recognition
  • Attended a big office celebration or event 
  • Passed probation
  • Completed their first 3-6 months (aka the honeymoon period)

It’s also important to note that employees can leave one new review annually. So, make a mental note to connect with your colleagues who have been around for the long haul.

When it comes to requesting reviews, you mustn’t violate Glassdoor’s policy by ‘offering incentives in exchange for reviews’ or directly asking for positive reviews. It’s like paying for followers on Instagram. Very awkward.  

Whether it’s dropping a note through Mailchimp or reaching out via the Glassdoor employer centre, keep your review requests genuine. 

A good way to increase the likelihood of receiving a positive review is all about your phrasing, which is why we’ve included templates at the end of this article.

Decreasing negative reviews:

First, it’s crucial to recognise that negative reviews are valuable

  • Useful feedback: The anonymous nature of the Glassdoor platform provides you with genuine insights into what your employees are truly thinking (a solid basis to improve your business.)
  • Talent marketing tool: Talent marketing is as much about attracting people to your business as it is about repelling those who won’t be a great fit. Suppose a prospective candidate comes across a review mentioning that your workplace is ‘ruthlessly performance-driven,’ and it genuinely mirrors the atmosphere. In this case, those reviews are actually playing in your favour.

When it comes to decreasing negative reviews, the best thing you can do is to create an anonymous internal feedback channel and to actually take the feedback you receive on board. Without that in place, your employees will take matters into their own hands and vent their frustrations online.

When conducting exit interviews, asking employees who’ve departed on positive terms for reviews isn’t the smartest move – it’s actually a bit of a gamble with limited returns. First off, reviews from ex-employees don’t hold as much weight. And let’s face it, when folks leave their jobs, they’re usually told not to ‘burn bridges,’ leaving you wondering what’s really going on in their minds.

Review Request Template: First Three Months

Subject: Happy three months at [insert company name]! 

Hi {First Name},

Time really does fly – it’s already been three months since you joined us!

We hope you’re enjoying your new role and would appreciate it if you could please take a moment to share your thoughts on Glassdoor. 

Glassdoor is a leading platform for job seekers to gain insights about companies and to decide where they want to work. We use employee feedback on Glassdoor to listen to you so that we can become a better company. It’s important that our employees provide continuous feedback on what it’s like to work at [insert company name], so we can continue attracting great talent like you!

Completing the survey is a breeze, and rest assured, your feedback is entirely anonymous.

Best regards,

The Recruitment/Marketing Team 

Review Request Template: Promotion

Subject: {First name}, congratulations on your promotion!

Hi {First Name},

Congratulations on your recent promotion!

Having not only embraced but thrived within our company, your firsthand experience would be immensely valuable to share on Glassdoor.

Glassdoor is a go-to platform for job seekers, and your perspective can make a real difference. Your review will contribute to our ongoing efforts to enhance the employee experience and attract great talent like you!

The process is quick, and your feedback is completely anonymous.

Thank you for all your hard work and for being an integral part of our team.

Best regards,

The Recruitment/Marketing Team